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View our Club's Photo Gallery containing pictures from club events. - Enjoy!

 Membership Dues:

Annual/Semiannual and Monthly


Please contact Michelle Nelson, DTM, Treasurer, regarding semi-annual dues of $50.00 or $100.00 for entire year membership
at:  (212)686-7500 x7627.
Coaching Sessions
It is important that members understand the value of presenting speeches, evaluation technique, and the evaluate to motivate process. 
Coaching sessions are held on Mondays in room 3076 south  from 12pm -1pm.  To schedule a coaching session outside this time, please contact our VP of Education - Aida Borjas, CC2/CL.
Phone: 212-686-7500 x 7667



Club Members' Anniversaries


Anna Grier, DTM  15years

Lisa Sanders  1year


MARCH 2016

Joyce Finks,CC - 2 yr.


APRIL 2016

William Foley 1 year

Selina GrantACS,CL  8years

Marilyn Martin, CC    4 years

Marsha Smith            1 year