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Thank you for visiting our web site. We encourage you to contact any of our club officers if you would like more information or want to become a member of NY Harbor Toastmasters Club #4609.

New York Harbor Toastmasters
Club Officers 2018-19

Yelena Ruzin, ACB/ALB - President
Phone: (212) 686-7500 x7345

Michelle Nelson, DTM - Vice President, Education
Phone: (212) 686-7500 x7627

Aida Borjas, ACB/ALB - Vice President, Membership
Phone: (212) 686-7500 x7667

Beatrice Smith, ACG/ALB - Vice President, Public Relations
Phone: (718) 809-2495

Michelle Nelson, DTM - Treasurer
Phone: (212) 686-7500 x7627

John Gentile, ACS - Sergeant at Arms
Phone: (212) 686-7500 x 7550

Beatrice Smith, ACG/ALB - Secretary
Phone: (718) 809-2495

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