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President Distinguished Club Status

NY Harbor Toastmasters Club #4609 has achieved the Toastmasters International DCP goal - President Distinguish Club status for the 2014-2015 year.    


NYHarbor Toastmasters Club #4609 has fulfilled ten out of ten educational and administrative goals!!


This prestigious accolade is presented to Toastmaster International Clubs that are working hard and striving to build a successful and motivated club. 


Our Club achieved President Distinguish status for the following years:  2014-15, 2012-2013, 20011-2012, 20010-20011, 2009-2010, 2008-2009, 2007-2008,2006-2007, 2005-2006, 2004-2005 and 2003-2004.


Our Club is working to achieve President Distinguish status once again for 2015-2016!

Club Members Accomplishments 2015-2016
The following awards were obtained by members of our club.  Congratulations to these individuals for their dedicated service in reaching their goals!
Competent Communication Award
Russell Skop, CC
Marsha L. Smith, CC
Miriam Abu, CC
Advanced Communication Bronze Award
John Levy, ACB
Advanced Communication Silver Award
Beatrice Smith, ACS
Advanced Leader Bronze Award
Aida Borjas, ACB

Communicator Leadership Award

Russell Skop, DTM
John Gentile, ACS
NY Harbor Toastmasters Club #4609 is "BUILDING LEADERS"!

New Members' Corner


NY Harbor Toastmasters is proud to announce we have four new members:
Chris Parkas
Miriam Abu
Robert Clay
Melanie Aucello
Richard Rivera
Welcome aboard!

Charter Membership Information
New York Harbor Toastmasters Club  #4609 was chartered in May 1999.  Our Club has won awards for accomplishments obtained from 2002 to present.  We are working hard in striving to build a successful and motivating club. 

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.